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Doctor del Rosario

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We wellcome our new atlanta liposuction & plastic surgeon physician Dr. Lou Cole - Plastic Suregon of

We all agree that inner beauty is the most important thing that we have in our lives, but we are also aware of that outer beauty makes us somewhat more pleasant life. Plastic surgery allows us to make the changes we need to enjoy a pleasant and quieter life.

Dr. del Rosario practices plastic and cosmetic surgery in Chicago, with the highest scientific standards of quality and the latest technical equipment dedicated in melting fat cells in new patients. Our facilities in Denver, CO count with rooms for outpatient and internal hospitalization and our medical team is ready to help and at your disposal the 24 hours.
Dr. del Rosario counts with more than 15 years of experience performing plastic surgery safety, skills and reliability.

The Doctor also has extensive experience in the management of patients in intensive care, area in which served for several years before making her specialization. Her passion for plastic arts and photography has led her to take courses in these disciplines, including sculpture, concepts that widely applied in their profession. We are located in a medical center of great prestige in a very central and convenient place of this city.

We have all the services that complement your surgery, including post-operative massage, hyperbaric chamber, nursing at home and our own clinical lab.

New Colaboration Partners

We welcome Dr. Sebastian Schweitzer. A new partnership has been established between Dr. del Rosario and the director of the Wichita Liposuction Center - Dr. Sebastian Schweitzer. Dr. Schweitzer is a liposuction expert and cosmetic surgeon and we thank to his complete unconditional collaboration in new areas of research.